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January 17, 2019 3;30 pm

CardiB B wasn't feeling Donald Trump and his reckless Government shutdown. 80,000 plus people have been affected by the government shutdown. Due to lack of income homes, insurance, vehicles and many of the amenities on Jeopardy of being lost. Meanwhile Donald Trump and his family can care less about the individuals who is suffering due to the shutdown. How many more people have to suffer. How many more people have to die due to the negligence and incompetence coven individual who was not elected under Fair circumstances. The Republican Congress has set on the I'm just call me thumbs for two years doing nothing to stop the madness. All rules of law have been thrown away with the bathwater. Cardi B has voiced her displeasure pertaining to the government shutdown. She along with millions of Americans are downright disgusting with the temperature tantrum that's being displayed by the sitting president of the United States. Luckily the Democratic Party one the House. We demand that Donald Trump, the Republican Party, his family, and anyone else who was involved in any and oh illegal activity be fully investigated and persecuted to the fullest extent of the law. You don't mean the double standard of Justice in America where one group of people big blacks Hispanics immigrants be persecuted heavily meanwhile Caucasian individuals get a slap on the wrist.

Click the link to watch CardiB denouncing Donald Trump's government shutdown. Some Democrats such as Sen. Brian Schatz of Hawaii and Sen. Chris Murphy and others are undecided cold weather to post cardi B's article or not due to the expressive language.


Do you feel the Republican Party - those individuals who have been outspoken against Donald Trump be investigated and persecuted for dereliction of Duty collusion and what other charges that can be found?

By: Faddys Place

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