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D-Train and Perfect Sound Ent. has Been Drafted.

Sometimes people complain about Hip-Hop due to its sound and how the beats are trash. People say the lyrics are horrible and the new generation of Hip-Hop is disrespectful as hell with no respect for the game or the history of what and where Hip-Hop has come from. Most times people are looking for good music and there are a lot of people out making good music but they have to be found to be bought into the forefront. When found we know many are called and few are chosen. When being chosen to be committed into the sound of the world and the ears of the generation, the draft has taken shape.

D-Train of Perfect Sound Ent. has dropped his long awaited solo project Drafted, detailing his understanding of not only life but the celebration of growth into his new life outside of his dream of playing baseball. Drafted is an album that not only is a turn up but lyrically it not only signals the time to party but to think and give thanks for the life and chances we are given as we strive to be our best at all times. A lot of us come from places where death hits us, and where loss fuels our desire to overcome such tragedy. The album drafted touches those feelings and the wanting to tell all haters and opposition to get back and not to block our blessings as we move forward against those that hold us back.

D-Train also touches on love and fun times as the production and beats had the crowd dancing and nodding their heads to the music. The listening session showed a crowd of listeners being treated to good sounds and the company chosen for this exclusive party did not leave upset or tuned out to the music. The listening party was a success and now it's time for the Hip-Hop fan to chose what sound are they going to draft.

Drafted will bring a lot to the table for its' listeners. You will have turn up Hip-Hop, and you will get mellow Hip-Hop for the lovers. There will be music for the party and pride music that represents love for your city and your loved ones. Part of drafting a sound is not only choosing what to listen to but also taking a sound represents your views of life and putting them to song. When you draft make sure you choose a sound, a Perfect Sound, that represents your life, culture and brand. D-Train has done that and given you drafted to enjoy.

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