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Da Goat's Hit Single "Oh No"

BGF and Criminal Intelligence present Da Goat's chart-topping hit single "Oh No" spinning worldwide, with props from Flipmode Squad's 1st Lieutenant Rampage! Vetted Hip Hop artist Da Goat delivers a top-notch street anthem and club banger brewing with fiercely clapping bass and drums. Da Goat's aggressive bars remind us that in life you're either somebody or nobody...he refuses to be a talked-about nobody. He ranks his top "oh no's from hand out's to women, to refusing to be last in the booth or in life. Stream "Oh No" and connect with Da Goat below.

"Oh No" on Spotify https://open.spotify.com/album/6hEEP8M8EoI0mz7C5WGpsU?si=JnQ0VLJ_T7Cx2pC1I3qjUQ INTERVIEW SERIES ON HERITAGE HIP-HOP:



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