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David Bars brings a new feeling to Hip-Hop.

I was introduced to this project by another Mc named Stahhr on Instagram. She was playing a song with Ol Dirty Bastard playing in the beat and I was like WTF is that. She said "If you don't know , David Bars is the truth." Then she did the neck roll to the beat that sucked me in. So I went to Tidal to sample this project and I must say "David Bars is the Truth." Usually when someone gives a talent like a rapper props it is because the beats they choose carry them. That is not the case here with David Bars giving a punctual delivery and putting usage to his vocals to add to the beats he rhymed on not be carried by them.

In doing research on David Bars I saw that he is cosigned by D.I.T.C which is monumental for an up coming rapper and there is a pressure to live up to when legends cosign you. I can tell you songs like "New Breed" and "Still Love Me", "Right or Wrong", and the title track "B.O.B (bars over Bullshit), not only speak to his lyrical delivery but the truth of his look on life in his rhymes.

We hear that the new generation of Hip-Hop does not live up to the bar that a lot of legends have upheld. I am here to tell you that is a damn lie. With artists out like David Bars coming into the light Hip-Hop is in a good place. David bars is more than a Rapper, he is growing into his MC mark but even more than that he is the new breed of this Bronx Hip-Hop movement. Check out his album on all music outlets and look for more to come from David Bars.

Bars over Bullshit video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bnmCq7O_xVA

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