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Death by Tapioca - Take it There | Single

Death By Tapioca shares his hypnotic Hip-Hop track ‘Take It There’, an ode to an afterparty rendezvous. Delivered with sensual beats, soft bell synths and chilled bars, Death By Tapioca transports you to a plush lounge with drinks flowing in the dead of night where whispers of sweet nothings fill the air. Minimal yet darkly atmospheric, Death By Tapioca is showing that his musicianship is airtight.

Discussing the new track, Death By Tapioca shares: “I was moved by the nighttime vibe JU$TUNLTD produced on ‘Take it There’, and amid the lockdown in Toronto was transported to a loungy after-party scene with a romantic interest. Exchanging witty banter with the ultimate goal of leaving together, to me the song represents all the playful fun and adventure we've been missing out on since the pandemic hit.”

Stream the song or grab your copy below:


It’s unclear when Alborz Mohtashami’s cheerful childhood turned into an angry adolescence. Born in Canada to Iranian immigrant parents, he was raised somewhere between Eastern hospitality and Western pop culture. While proud of his heritage, he struggled to express himself in a contradictory world. After getting in trouble at school and with the law, songwriting became his outlet. Politically charged and mad at the world, he searched for answers amid the post-9/11 tension that vilified his ethnicity. His anger affected his relationships as he pushed away those who cared for him most in a vain attempt to establish autonomy.

Death by Tapioca is not about that life. Practicing self-care, joining a poetry circle, and going back to school all contributed to Alborz’s calm resurgence as the lighthearted, fun-seeking Death by Tapioca. By tapping into influences ranging from ancient Persian and Chinese poets to present-day legends of Toronto’s slam scene, his love for both thoughtful rap (Kendrick Lamar, Nas) and K-pop stan culture (TWICE, Mamamoo, Red Velvet), Death by Tapioca channels east-meets-west identity into a sound that could play alongside KYLE, Amine, and Lil Dicky in a 2-on-2 beer pong match. Building momentum with his previous release ‘Out Like Trout’, the independent artist racked up 7,500 Spotify streams and 32,000 Youtube views. With a whole lot more to give, this is just the start for rising talent Death By Tapioca.

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