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Deep Jackson - Nice Guys Finish Last | Album & Video

West Virginia rapper Deep Jackson releases his eighth project "Nice Guys Finish Last" along with visuals for the single "Headstrong".

"Nice Guys Finish Last simply means to me that you have to be aggressive about what you want in this life."

The album features Nitty Scott, John Jigg$, Duck City Music, Panama Jac and Fatt God.

Check out the album and watch the video for "Headstrong" below.


Deep Jackson is from West Virginia and is a well respected veteran on the independent music scene. You can tell when you hear his music that he does it for the love and not the money. His subject matter and lyricism is a style all his own. I can’t compare his style to anyone but maybe MC Ren/Rick Ross. There aren’t any wasted lines. He moved to Atlanta in the mid 2000s and then realized it would be so much better to do it from home, so he moved back and has been pioneering the WV rap scene for the last decade.



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