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DJ CRYPT (Snowgoons DJs) - 1999

DJ CRYPT (Snowgoons DJs Team) 1999 DJ Crypt drops the first single "1999“ off his upcoming album "GINESIS“. Inspired by 90s music from Ninja Tunes, Urbs & Cutex & DJ Shadow, Crypt delivers his most personal and emotional song from the new LP. The song is about the mental processing of his first steps as a DJ, the daily graffiti sketching, skateboarding and the huge loss of his beloved grandparents in the same year. An homage to all the Trip Hop beatmakers from the golden era and a musical journey through the memories of the artist. The album DJ Crypt "Gineses" releases on April 28th through Goon Musick.

Artist: DJ CRYPT (Snowgoons DJs)

Song Title: 1999

Label: Goon Musick

Social Media:

Facebook: @RealDJCrypt


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