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Exxxotica NJ Taught Me about Entertainment and More.

This year I went ot my first Exxxotica. This is not my typical event but since I promised a podcaster (Big A) that I would go to one with him this year I visited Exxxotica in Edison, NJ and it was more educational that anything I thought it would be for me. Of course people went to go meet their fantasy porn stars. I saw some that made me nostalgic and saw faces I never saw before that "moved the crowd". Seeing faces I knew like Scarlett and Queen Rogue got me open to talking to the entertainers and artists that were at the event. When the porn stars become more than a fantasy on the screen it changes your perspective of who they are and what they do. Exxxotica.

Sex sells in all types of media and entertainment so Exxxotica is the mecca of the sex convention world. Here a person can get educated on sex toys, getting into the business, church for sex workers and the basics of the business. This hit me like it was a Hip-Hop convention. People paid money for pictures and more. Music was playing and people showed off their crafts making their mark in their fans lives. Just like music entertainers people at Exxxotica are in the game of making sells and it is eerily similar to the Mainstream and Independent Hip-Hop life.

The mainstream were the people with production deals. At Exxxotica the mainstream was represented by Brazzers, Freak Mob Media, Whoa Boyz, Team Texass and more. It seems like these production companies are used to build the name of the major artists. Then there were teams like and independent models/artists that had their own table and if you knew them you were a follower of theirs. Women like LaLa Koi, Tokyo Drift, The Double Dose Twins, Zahara Elise and more represented the ones that are making their way by their own means with a major production team. The entertainment industry is so similar and that makes the grind to the top more linear than I once thought. While people down Hip-Hop artists for their content sex workers are the same due to their line of work as well.

When the fantasy is young and fresh the workers are all wanted. But just like the music industry tries to move on from familiar faces the sex industry does the same thing. The fans and the people that support, make the entertainers matter and stay relevant and Exxxotica is their way of meeting and greeting their fans. From the stage shows, to the live musical performances, Exxxotica is a place for artists, fans, couples and educators to embrace their identities and celebrate their fetishes. In Hip-Hop our fetishes are Boom-Bap, Trap, Drill, Southern, Bass etc. Here the fetishes are your fantasies and you have the opportunity to meet the people that helped you establish your joy of it and people that share in it as well.

I will probably return to Exxxotica for the camaraderie and the business opportunities that came with it. The surprise I got was to meet people and see they are regular folks like me and chill. Salute to Queen Rogue, Kailani Kai, Zahara Elise and WWE Hall of Famer Rob Van Dam for making my day at Exxxotica and helping me feel peaceful during the event. besides sex podcasting was a great intro into meeting Taeler Made, Chelasway and Alexis Texas. To anyone that likes the men or women of the sex world you can meet them and just know you will meet some of the smartest, business minded successful people in the world. Do not let the sex be the determining factor of how you meet them. You will meet some great people that has sex on camera saving people's marriages by keeping people married and in the house fantasizing instead of doing anything that is available (as told by a person in attendance). Next October Exxxotica will be in New Jersey and if you see someone in a Heritage Hip-Hop hoodie come say hello. Let's talk and enjoy the atmosphere of expression at it's best. Exxxotica is the new norm and sex is the original business model that is the most successful. While music fights to sell, sex will sell but both fights for money and the right to be freely expressed. How do you feel about expression? Will you come see for yourself? If you do just know we all have fantasies and whether it is flesh or beats we all want to meet the people that aid in our fantasies and joys in life. Why would this be any different?

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