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Gone Too Soon: R.I.P Nipsey Hussle

Today on March 31st 2019 we lost a real one, a man that stood for something more than the destruction of the Hip-Hop Community. When I first learned of Nipsey Hussle, I heard of a mixtape that was $1,000 and thought this dude right here better have some fire and little did I know he was a master builder with a plan. As I watched his career progress he did music of course but he impressed me with his business mind. This was the first rapper I ever heard talk about investing into crypto-currency and building the inner city using knowledge of computers to help mold the direction of growth in the hood. Nipsey was the total independent artist. We give Chance his due but Nipsey was the Hustler that disconnected from the game and beat the sport with its' own rules. Whether you love his music or questioned him due to gang affiliation you can not question his desire to give back and raise the mind state and economical status of the people.

With the movement of business commerce going to uplift people, Nipsey also was putting out visual lessons for the people as well. In many interviews he talked about ending hood beef. He also wanted to work on a documentary detailing the trial of Dr. Sebi in which he beat a trail where he proved he could cure AIDS, Diabetes and other diseases based on how people eat and live. Moves like this made Nipsey a special individual. He was not the rapper that promoted guns and violence when he spoke. It was a reality though that influenced his sound and motivated him to learn and want to do better not only for his family but for his community. Nipsey was a long term thinker, and trendsetter that has influenced people by his moves. Now we have to give honor to the tree by being fruit that continues to teach the lessons of motivation, economic growth, health and more importantly the desire to do better. We hear government conspiracies, and we hear hood stories about this tragic death. More importantly let us hear the respect and give it to his family. They lost a husband, a father, son, friend and so much more. May The Most High receive his spirit and he rest in peace. I challenge everyone that reads this to ask yourself "What happens to his legacy, and how do we carry it on now that he is gone?"

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