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Hazernomical Releases 'The Hip Hop Shop' EP

Hazernomical, a multifaceted Queens native and influential Hip Hop artist recently released his new EP titled ‘The Hip Hop Shop Vol 1.’ The critically acclaimed project, a nostalgic breath of fresh air, pays homage to crate diggers.

This volume of ‘The Hip Hop Shop’ featuring Juxx Diamonds and hosted by Doc Ahk, transcends Hip Hop purists back in time when the elements of Hip Hop were mastered and celebrated. Hazernomical delivers a timeless dose of earmilk brewing with fresh wordplay. Ascensions of boom-bap intertwined with melodies of funk, soul, and jazz accentuate Haze’s flow.

Hazernomical holds a prominent reign in Hip Hop culture with a music catalog that surpasses many mainstream artists. Hip Hop heads are already anticipating ‘The Hip Hop Shop Vol 2’, so stay tuned…

Connect with Hazernomical on all Social Media platforms including Tik Tok @Hazernomical.

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