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Healing is a movement not just a vibe.

Healing - The process of making or becoming sound or healthy AGAIN

Truth is when life introduces us into the world with a pure out look. We are born with a healthy concept of the world and give our innocence unto it. We entertain and stimulate our souls, with the joy of newness with bright opened eyes. As the world matures in our eye sight and innocence turns into experience, the life we had expectations of becomes a concrete lesson in cause and effect. The joy, pain and the many ups and downs life takes us through becomes relatable and we look for music to aid us in understanding how to channel these emotions. We look for hope, in the rhythm and words we play into our spirits to aid our coping and learning from and about the many roads life takes us through.

The Soul Needs Healing is not a single listening session type of album. This is a project that is made to make the listener think and consider where they stand in relation to the song and in some respects in their life's journey. The blessing of The Soul Needs Healing project, is that the songs talk about the inner person and their mind. The project addresses how a person can walk in the world aware of themselves and the influence they will have on others. Part one of healing by definition is the process that starts with the mind in thought and with the beat in music. The Hit System gives Quis Chandla a means of not only being able to orate his lyrics but plants the vibe in fertile rhythm that blossoms into profound delivery and spirit. This is the healing of the sound and marriage of harmony to the ear for the listener. The process of healing is the action of being comforted and The Soul Needs Healing began that process eloquently and then we were surprised with the next process of healing.

In the era of music dropping abundantly and random in nature, Quis Chandla and The Hit System released The Soul Needs Healing 2. The first project when dropped focus on the mind and the nature of the listener in the world. The second project went into the courage to continue the process of healing in respect to the self and others. On part one of the healing process we were told to Respect the OGs and with part 2's release, we or now told to Make Em Proud. Do the songs actually go together? That depends on how you listen to the music and more importantly how it relates to you in your own personal journey of healing. The Soul Needs Healing Part 2 is a complimentary piece in the process of one's soul changing through the influence of Grown Man Rap, and maturity that evolves in subject matter on the microphone.

If Healing is a process then we are all due to check our fluids and mental health on the road of life. We stop many times in our travels and endure many roads and in our journey our hearts, minds, and spirits take a beating. In the end, the soul needs time to recover from such experiences. With racism, classism, sexism and many other forms of oppression that attacks us, the genre of Hip-Hop music is falsely accused of being totally negative and pushed to the side as a reason to through the entire culture away. Quis Chandla & The Hit System have created the perfect answer back to everyone that doubts the real purpose of Hip-Hop and that is to bring Peace, Unity and to have Fun back to the people that were long forgotten. Those people made something from nothing and began to heal the world through beats, and stories given to heal the pain of those whose verses were not being heard. If you are looking for good music, with heart, a message of solidarity and a positive outlook on the journey of life. I highly recommend both EPs The Soul Needs Healing 1 & 2 for your listening pleasure.



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