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Highest Paid Hip-Hop Artist 2018

Who is the highest paid Hip-Hop Artist in 2018?

Amongst a cast of talented business owners

Jay-Z has emerge not only as the highest paid Hip Hop artist in 2018. With an astonishing 76.5 Million Dollars. Shawn Carter stands at the top of his game. Hold on we're not done yet.

He also holds the title of wealthiest Hip-Hop artists weighing in at $900 Million Dollars and growing.

Shawn Carter along with a host of other Hip-Hop artists have proven that Hip-Hop runs the world. Hip-Hop has paved the way for millions and millions of individuals all across the world. This multi Billion Dollar industry that has no sign of ending. Hip-Hop should be a mandatory curriculum in all schools..

Be it educational or entrepreneurship this art form reigns supreme. My name is Hip-Hop!

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