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Hip-Hop 50 at Yankee Stadium Was A Grand Slam For The Culture.

This is not a play by play of the event more so a thank you. Rock The Bells music festival was amazing this year and LL Cool J's movement is iconic when it comes to keeping the value and importance of the culture in constant memory. Rock The Bells is on satellite radio and the YouTube page feeds the fans sample shows and different aspects of the culture in many phases. This year for the 50th birthday of Hip-Hop, Nas and Mass Appeal decided to throw their own celebration in Yankee Stadium. The Bronx, NYC once again was the epicenter of Hip-Hop for a cultural celebration in the house of champions.

The event celebrated the DJs, the MCs, and the fans by giving Hip-Hop from all regions a chance to see the entire culture come together. Men and Women from all regions where on stage. Hip-Hop was celebrated from the east to the west, as well as the south, and midwest. Homage was paid with Snoop Dogg bringing out legends like Doug E. Fresh and Slick Rick. While he also brought out Scar Lip to represent for the new generation in the game. Nas paid homage to Kool G Rap and Lauryn Hill reminded people why she is revered as a treasure in the culture, This 8 hour event was well worth every minute and the tribute to some of the fallen MCs that were taken further showed that this event was a culmination event not a what is hot now event.

Check out the concert below and enjoy our culture:


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