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Hot off the Press...New Album by Shabaam Sahdeeq x Nick Wiz 'Cabin Fever'

It's official, Shabaam Sadeeq and Nick Wiz have done it again…Underground Hip Hop icon Shabaam Sahdeeq and renowned music producer Nick Wiz return to their roots to bring us a wildly versatile body of work titled “Cabin Fever.”

There’s no doubt that over the past few years most of us were quarantined and may have felt a bit of cabin fever from time to time. That said, while many of us were moping about, Shabaam and Nick Wiz used their time wisely by creating a melodic masterpiece for us.

While Shabaam delivers top-tier lyrics, Nick’s musical genius shines through on his elite production. The soundscape contains eleven electrifying tracks with both local and global appeal. The lineup also has a few powerhouse features from D.V. alias Khryst, LoVel, Ran Reed, R.E.K.S & Phantasm, and U.G (each from the Cella Dwellas).

The duo dropped riveting ‘Thunderin’ with a visual to set the tone for the entire project, which depicts themselves as characters from the highly popular adult cartoon “South Park.” What’s even more amazing, 19-year-old Shabaam Sahdeeq makes an appearance on the last joint “Do or Die” which was originally a demo that only aired on Stretch & Bobbito Radio show back in 1996, when Shabaam Sahdeeq first surfaced. Shabaam also showcases his bilingual skills on banger “Soul Food Sofrito” going back to his Venezuelan roots.

This is the collaboration we knew we needed! “Cabin Fever” is an instant head-nod and a truly outstanding listening experience.

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