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iLLAH - That Feeling | Video

iLLAH has released the music video for “That Feeling” off his new album, "An Eye 4 An Ear". This album is fully produced by Sypooda who’s based out of Norfolk, Virginia.

With "An Eye 4 An Ear", iLLAH is giving listeners a view of life and the world from his perspective. Coming in at 10 tracks and no features, the music is both introspective and forthcoming. From his eyes to your ears.

Check out the video for “That Feeling”:

Stream The Album Here:


“More than meets the eye” is the best way to describe Montreal born, Toronto based artist iLLAH (aka Mirazh). Growing up in a Jamaican household, iLLAH was influenced by many styles of music such as jazz, soul, hip hop, and of course reggae.

After many days and nights honing his skills through writing, producing, cyphers and doing shows around North America, iLLAH started recording his own original songs building a catalogue of unreleased material mainly for the love of hip-hop music. Instead of just keeping all that music on a hard drive, iLLAH reconnected with his day one producer DJ Goser and released his first official solo project titled, "The Unseen" in 2020.

Since then, the flame has been re-ignited and iLLAH has been creating music non-stop ever since. Now more than ever, he is prepared to solidify the name and prove he is truly, “more than meets the eye”.

Find more info here:


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