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Indie GOAT Mic Handz Delivers 'Golden Era: Timeles' Full-length LP

After what fans call a never-ending hiatus, NYC indie GOAT Mic Handz returns to the forefront with his new album 'Golden Era: Timeless.' The 20-track project is presented by Sismographe with production by L'undercover (an NYC/UK collision) with vinyl coming summer of 2022.

When we think of timeless music we transcend back to the golden era of music, a gimmick-free time that was true to the culture, the 5 elements were practiced, and MCs were just that masters of ceremonies. Undeniably, Mic Handz embodies all of that and offers audiences a refreshing dose of nostalgia without sounding dated.

The album features guest appearances from Hip Hop pioneers and elite indie heavyweights including Craig G, GrandDaddy I.U., Lil Fame, Teflon, Sadat X, Skyzoo, Sunez, Napoleon Da Legend, Dready Kruger, The Bad Seed, Vvs Verbal, Ivan The Terrible, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Fat Mouth Slum, Dro Pesci, Sha Stimuli, Punchline, Cayoz Da Emcee, Dreez, Trend Setta, Cid Nino, and Jamera, with each track underscored by L’undercover’s skillfully crafted production.

‘Golden Era: Timeless’ brews with lyrical substance, influential wordplay and storytelling, and classic DJ cuts/scratches. Handz delivers his A-game power 10 and displays an unbending marriage between lyricism and production. The catchy hooks hit hard, ensured to resonate long after the album is over.

Music Links:

'Golden Era: Timeless' on preferred platforms

"Keep Going" video:

"Blackout" video:

"Aventador" video:


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