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Italian Rapper Famoe Releases "What I've Been Through" Lyric Video

While the world is still buzzing from his last release “Masterpiece” esteemed Hip Hop artist Famoe delivers a new record/lyric video titled “What I’ve Been Through.” The track is through AWAL Digital Unlimited with production by DJ Pain 1. “What I’ve Been Through” also serves as the official soundtrack for the forthcoming independent movie War From The Archives.

Intertwining bold honesty and profound lyricism, Famoe displays his rearview for listeners. The glass is now shattered from depression, feelings of guilt, a loss of faith, and everything going wrong from his touch. In the climax of “What I’ve Been Through” we find Famoe reaching for hope and a balance in life, as he so much deserves. His gripping emotions are heightened by cinematic aesthetics along with dramatic bass and drums.

"What I've Been Through" lyric video:

"What I've Been Through" single on Spotify


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