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Jasey Cordeta - Family Business Ft. Jim Jones

Rap and Hip Hop recording artist and label owner Jasey Cordeta was born in 1989 in Los Ángeles California to his Black mother from LA and his father from the Philippines. 

Cordeta fell in love with music at a young age. He was directly influenced at home. His father was a musician who played the guitar. His uncles on his moms side were also musicians who played various instruments; harmonica, key board, drums and more. Falling asleep too and waking up to his dad jamming out was the norm. 

When his parents split up in the early 90s, he moved with his mother and siblings to East Oakland. In the Bay Area is where Jasey was introduced to rap and Hip Hop heavily when he was shown 2Pac. Already heard it growing up but began to grow a fascination of the music and culture. 

Though he developed a strong love for the culture, it would be close to a decade before he would begin to write his own music after battle rapping at school. 

By 16 he was opening for Dead Prez with his music group, followed by opening for Professor Griff, Immortal Technique and D-12. His group was known for the throwing their own parties and shows in Northeast Portland. 

At 21 after working with one of Jim Jones Byrd Gang West artists and generating a decent local buzz he would run into trouble with the law and serve close to 7 years in prison. 

When released he hit the ground running and a year later he met Jim Jones at a local radio concert in Portland Oregon. 

Cordeta and Jones worked on the record known as “Family Business” and too long after it was recorded Jasey and his crew flew to New York to film the music video. 

Jasey is currently working on a number of projects but has released two fire mixtapes online hosted by Dj TKO of 730 Dipset. Jasey Cordeta has worked with artists such as Westside Boogie, Spice 1, Juelz Santana, Fuego Base, J Diggs, Dubee, Cool Nutz, Rucci, Keith Murray and more!!! Influenced by 2-Pac, The Notorious BIG, Has, Jay-Z, DMX, Beanie Sigel, Snoop Dogg, E-40 and more.

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