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Jersey Mikee Is The Album We All Want.

There are times in Hip-Hop when you are lost to the vibe. People just dance and jerk their heads and necks to a beat and never hear the words being spoken. It is within that chaos real Hip-Hop is experienced because the spoken word makes songs memorable and only a certain few can rap the words that produces Emcees (MCs) that can change how the music is heard and the vibe is experienced. Enter Mikee Mula to your playlist.

The Jersey Mikee album begins with a selection that details the history of the NJ turnpike. The NJ Turnpike was built to take NJ out of debt and then kept as a reminder that there is always a price to pay when traveling the road to a destination. Mikee Mula is the same was when you pay the toll of time invested the road traveled through his word play is a reminder that words and bars are paramount when it comes to Hip-Hop and the emcee is not going to die due to or because of the vibe.

With production from LB of the Gria Bros., Arkin, Kayzine from France and Stress; Mikee Mula displays a penmanship that once your ears are open it is hard to close them when you "see " what is being said. Whether the songs are aggressive or mantra based, when Mula raps lessons or being delivered over the microphone and those with ears that can hear will be delivered from the mainstream vibe that is not Hip-Hop music. The production on this project ranges from eerie, to soulful and the lyrics are the highlight of the album just the same as the production. When the music plays the new generation will relive the old saying I wanna be like Mike when it comes to having a person represent what Hip-Hop is and could be when their dreams of being a spokes man in the culture takes shape.

The Mantra "I use me to inspire me..." will show all that hear and listen that Mikee Mula saves the soul with bars that paint a war. The war is between the ears and the brain. What you hear, you may see but what you see may not be translated in to being heard. To put it simply lyrics can become visual and some visions are not due to what you see but what can be felt through relation to the vibe. The Jersey Mikee will continue the lineage of great releases from Mikee Mula and there is where the question is. Do you listen for the vibe? Or is the vibe the inspiration given by the bars/words that are spoken?

Jersey Mikee drops 6/28/24 on all streaming platforms be sure to purchase and stream the project to answer the questions given. Is the vibe all that matters? Do bars still matter? What do the words spoken mean to you ? At the end of the project I guarantee you the listener for sure. The battle between mainstream music and independent/underground music will always be what the rap culture is and Mikee Mula is one of the emcees (Mcs) that makes the case that real art is defined by the wordplay and not the beats that make the irrelevant speakers known due to the machine forcing their opinions on us. Real ones will last the test of time and become the legends our stories will forever be told of and not forgotten by the next new thing. Mikee Mula is here and his music is testament to the real never to be forgotten.

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