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Juxx Diamondz & 2wo Offishall "The Ark of The Covenant"

Juxx Diamondz and 2wo Offishall have joined forces to present "The Ark of The Covenant". Their first project together is a collection of songs that show the range of their skills as artists and producers. Juxx Diamondz has been grinding for years and is now ready for his time to shine. With his unique voice and style he has created a lane for himself in Hip Hop music. On the other hand 2wo Offishall has been creating music with some of the biggest names in Hip Hop such as Benny The Butcher, YoGotti , Cam'ron, Styles P and many more. This project was completed in three months. It's finally here with features from Ledger, Hazernomical, William Bostick and Tragedy Khadafi as well as production from 2wo Offishall, Sauly0 Beats & Juxx Diamondz himself! "The Ark Of The Covenant represents my journey from being a kid in Brooklyn with big dreams to becoming an artist in my own right. I want people to know that there is always room for growth and improvement but also that it takes hard work and dedication to reach your goals no matter how big or small they may be. If anyone out there feels like they have something special inside them, just know that there is someone who believes in you more than anyone else ever will!" (Juxx Diamondz)

Juxx Diamondz & 2wo Offishall "2 For $80" feat. Ledger

(Official Music Video)

Bandcamp Link: https://bit.ly/3H3F0nu Streaming Links: https://orcd.co/arkcov Limited Physical Copies: https://www.razorswavesrecords.com

Social Media:

Juxx Diamonds

Twitter: @JuxxDiamondz

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