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Katherine Swain & Legendary Producer Fantom of the Beat (Haas G) "Make Up Your Mind"

R&B singer/songwriter Katherine Swain and Fantomusic release visuals for the Grammy considered single “Make Up Your Mind.” The hit single is produced by Billboard, Platinum, Grammy-nominated Fantom of the Beat (The UMC’s) and is available through Sony/Orchard on digital platforms.

The Ohio-based vocalist belts her heart and soul out on this track, which is about an all too familiar tale of heartache. However, Swain is firm with her demands for her man to make up his mind and stop playing games. She’s been there from the start and through the ups and downs. Why won’t he reciprocate? One minute he’s through and the next Swaine is all he needs…You better make up your mind! Soulful tones accented with slightly funky bass and drums are sure to have listeners embrace Swain’s raw emotion and gratifying vocals.

"Make Up Your Mind" official YouTube video





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