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Kaze Jones & Joy Ruckus Club Presents: "Bow Down" ft Benny Bun, Daygo Red, & YAMZ | Single

Los Angeles-based rapper, activist and educator Kaze Jones continues his musical journey with Joy Ruckus Club to bring their second single “Bow Down” off his forthcoming album The Alumni.

"Bow Down" is more than just an intense song....it's a statement, filled with aggression and raw lyrics reminiscent of a classic West Coast sound while adding today’s musical aesthetics. The track brings a top shelf cast of Asian American artists to the forefront, including SoCal rapper Benny Bun, San Diego-based Filipino artist Daygo Red, and Yamz who was born and raised in the Philippines but now resides in Cali's Bay Area.

Kaze Jones delivers his verses with a victorious and ferocious tone, complementing the West Coast-style gangsta rap from Daygo Red and showcasing Yamz's unique delivery that allows Benny Bun to shine with his versatile flow.

For too long Asian artists in the hip-hop world have been in the background, presenting their craft in a subdued fashion. But "Bow Down" is anything but subdued. It's a thundering response to anyone questioning the rise of Asian American hip-hop in 2021. "Bow Down" is all at once a fuck you to the haters and an open-armed welcome to those who want to enter the world of what’s happening in hip-hop with Kaze Jones and his fellow Alumni.

Check out the track below.



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