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Last VII Jewels Is A First For Innovative NJ Hip-Hop.

For those of you that may not know, I am going to clue you in on a Hip-Hop secret. Here it is, "Not everyone that rhymes is an MC." You may think you know that but let me explain. Rhymes are only a part of being an MC. To MASTER the CEREMONY, there is an art to the rhymes, the delivery and also the packaging of who or what the artist is or trying to share with the community. Left2Gunnz is an experienced MC that repackaged his name and his skill set and show a lot of NJ Hip-Hop artists, rhymes are only part of the game.

As Kapital Gainz, Left was able to do songs with Guru (RIP) of Gang Starr and establish a presence in the Hip-Hop world. Doing remixes and songs with DJ Kayslay (RIP), Jaheim and Jadakiss put him on a level that most people that do music want to accomplish, That accomplishment is being heard and recognized by not only their peers but also by the people that are in the mainstream game they want to enter. Kapital Gainz not only made his self known to all through his music he is known for falling back and taking control of his life outside of music as well. He is the father of world re-known singer Leah Jenea.

Being the father and manager of a star in the music world he took lessons from her journey and decided to take his own swing at creating his first album and letting the world know that real MCs do not have an expiration date. That no matter when they deliver their skill set the world will take notice. As an MC he sharped his delivery by taking on the name Left2Gunnz and dropped the Last VII Jewelz project to show people his skills never disappeared he just repackaged his delivery.

This project came out with a T-shirt and a baggy with a Key in it. The Key is a symbol of unlocking and when you plug this USB Key into your music player, the door to MC skill is opened. With bar clarity in the Song Y.O.U., legacy celebratory songs like For My Last Name (Father's Theme Song), and duets with another MC vet like Drift aka King Kojo, Left2Gunnz shows all that the delivery and rhymes display is a point where the MC will not lose when it comes to music. The highlight on this project to me is the song Friend Of Mine, that is a Donnie Brasco reference and story rhyme put together to create a audio movie for the listener to experience not just hear. This album is 7 songs of mastery that sets the bar for something to look forward to while appreciating what is in your hands as the consumer of art and music. NJ Hip-Hop seems to have lost its' way when it comes to walking away with something and this project is one of the few that captures that part of Hip-Hop.

Left2Gunnz has the T-shirt and Key masterfully done. They come with music and apparel but the album cover art is where the genius lies with this project. So many people will hear the music but there are people that miss album credits and words that go with the project. By giving those Hip-Hop Heads something to sit down with and a chance to bond with the orator that delivered the music, Left2gunnz gave the message of acknowledging the listener as well. This album is a well done mastery of music and connecting to the audience. This is not just rhymes and merchandise. This is the 90s Hip-hop blueprint of connecting to people and making sure they look forward to more good music by connecting with the MC as well. Hip-hop has been sent and the package has been delivered, in time and in the perfect setting.

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