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The Jersey Queen a.k.a Bee Papino

There are innovators, there are entrepreneurs & then there’s Bee Papino, a phenomenal womanly figure who makes her visions come to life.

By having the ability to create something from nothing, the vigorous Ms. Bee kick-started We Are Jersey Magazine, a platform that supports all upcoming Jersey talents & provides a solid foundation for those who want to make a difference in the field of entertainment.

Since then, Bee has been able to change others lives while adding her pizzazz in the New Jersey scene.

It all began with Jersey Turnt Up Ent, an all-inclusive entertainment company based out of northern New Jersey whose main goal is to provide individuals with a welcoming environment in which they will be able to receive full services in a one-stop entertainment establishment. "Jersey Turnt Up Ent was created because we [CEO’s Daniel Banks & Bee Papino] saw not only the demand for safer events, but the need for a platform for creatives to network & see what is happening in their state." Bee adds on. "Our company breakdown actually is Jersey Turn't Up Entertainment then We Are Jersey Magazine, We Are Jersey Diamondz & Empyre9 LLC."

Jersey Turn’t Up Entertainment is not only for DJ's & producers but it's also for models, graphic designers, photographers, even videographers.

"Jersey Turn't Up caters to private & public events with the talents of 2 DJs who provide musical selections of all kinds. We also have created two other branches of entertainment under one umbrella known as We Are Jersey Magazine & We Are Jersey Diamondz." she says "We Are Jersey Magazine is a product of Jersey Turn't Up Entertainment. It supports recording artists & entertainment as a whole stemming anywhere from art, tattoo artists, photographers, models, videographers, & many more categories which are displayed bi-monthly inside of the magazine."

In addition, the We Are Jersey Diamondz model team is a  product of Jersey Turn't Up Entertainment whose services are to entertain clients in which they are hired for brand representation and represent the company as a unit. We Are Jersey Diamondz provides services such as music video shoots, photo shoots, promotion, brand representing, hosting events & many more. 

There have been times where Bee’s vision was blurred by the means of life. Yet she is able to see the bigger picture crystal clear thanks to the artists & individuals on her team. They remind her how much she has changed their lives or perspectives which in turn, changed their career. "I watch my models come in & then grow into a totally different women. My youngest model just turned 21 & she matured in so many ways in the time that I've had her join our journey." Bee says "That alone helps me feel its extremely worth it. I love helping people grow as well as allowing them to express themselves the best way they know how."

Although Bee & Daniel don't have a specific crowd they want to attract, the mission Bee has is very admirable.

Bee just wants to connect with anyone who has a dream.

"I want to be a part of the reasons people are inspired to keep going. Everyone has to start somewhere, so hopefully if you were half foot out & half foot you will connect with some of the individuals we have selected just by reading about them. You’ll jump in & see it's worth it. If it's your dream don't give up."

In the next year or so Bee is making very big moves (so big that it’s taking her to the next level!) “Next year I want to bring Jersey outside of Jersey. It's time. The industry already sees it too.” Buuut let’s hold our horses, it’s this year we have to think about (for now!)

In the month of March, Bee & Daniel will be starting up their Brand Ambassador program. They'll also be throwing a Music for Medicine event on March 24th at Secret Society Loft from 8pm to 1AM. It will be hosted by Millie Chantel, whom has another platform.

All three will be releasing together within a few months, giving artists more opportunities. The event will have a lot of talented artists in & vendors in the mix.

"Do what is best for you every time and don't feel sorry for it. "Be you unapologetically." Bee adds in "I struggled doing that for so long worrying about other peoples feelings to turn & realize only I was stopping myself and my progression in doing so. Put yourself first, you only have one life to live."

By: Natalee Gilbert

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Fun Facts:

1. Bee Papino is a huge foodie & enjoys trying out new foods.

2. What gets her up in the morning is listening to indie artist in the gym, "I I go pretty early around 5AM so that often sets my whole day right for me."

3. If Bee could collaborate with anyone she would choose Kayy Simone, She thinks Kayy is pretty dope & that she puts together solid events for the culture.

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