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Mikee Mula Returns With A Statement Project.

As Hip-Hop turns 50, it is very important to always remember the classics. The times where we came from. A history lesson to revisit and help us remember our humble beginnings of where we came from to get to the roads we travel today, Mikee Mula and star producer Arkin went into the creative process and produced an ode to Hip-Hop with stunning presentation celebrating the future present by highlighting our cultural past.

This project opens up with a return to glory years of Hip-Hop culture with a call back to Yo! MTV Raps. If you know the importance of this call, then you know the mission is to produce something never seen or heard before. Mikee Mula gives not only vibes of a direct delivery but the moxie of a boxer with a jab that snaps the head back to Arkin's unique production style. This project is 16 minutes long and gives the listener an appetizer of something special to come if the givers of good music deem us worthy.

With lyrics that are precise and sharp the highlight of this project is Rear View, where the piano and the bass line highlight Mikee Mula's voice. This is not a project ruled by many voices and decent beats. Mula finds his 2 step and delivers with the passion and honesty that made people learn his name from his past projects. With special guest Sxint Chris on the song Historian, we not only get a nice sparring match of words between 2 MCs we see Mula further establish his passion on the project and Sxint Chris show the new world that order will come when lyrics and delivery are put in the forefront of the culture again.

Yo! Mula Raps is a quick listen that is worth the time invested in the listen. This is something that sets up a great heist that will take your attention and make you wary of what's next to come when the you realize you have been awkened from your norm into something new to look forward to. Some threats and changes to your life are not violent, they are intoxicating. Join the high and realize you have been blessed by the past vibes of Hip-Hop creativity to produce the elation of new music for our future enjoyment. New Jersey Hip-Hop holds it down once again with dope beats and honest rhymes.

Yo! Mula Raps is out now on all social media for Purchase and Streaming.

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