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Moorish Media Entertainment Inc Presents Ben Familiar and His Charting Single “I Hit A Lick”

Get familiar with Hip Hop’s newest takeover and problematic addition to the music and entertainment scene. Moorish Media Entertainment Inc presents Ben Familiar and his new single “I Hit A Lick.” DJ’s get in tune as the single is already topping charts worldwide and creating an instant media buzz.

Over invigorating melodies and cinematic tones, Ben Familiar taps in straight from the gutter to Grammy gold. When it comes to money, women, and charts he’s hitting a lick. Ben’s infectious flow and catchy hook are sure to entice listeners in, pressing repeat, and wanting more.

“I Hit A Lick” is the west coast’s new anthem, being spun by top DJ’s and blaring through club speakers. Stream the single on Spotify and connect with Ben Familiar below.

Connect with Ben Familiar

Spotify link


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