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Mud Created Man and Defined Hip-Hop: Out Da Mud Music Group

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

When we read the Bible we read that The Most High separated the waters and exposed the land. Later we read that man was made from the dust of the ground. In the theory of evolution we are told that creatures came from the waters and the mud of the ground and came to populate the earth. I can say that in the story of New Jersey Hip-Hop when the landscape was ripe for new sound, Out Da Mud Music Group came and gave the Garden State something rich with nutrients to grow and strengthen the Sounds of New Jersey culture.

Exclusive to Heritage Hip-Hop, Out Da Mud Music Group released their new mixtape BC Era. The theme of the project is to take the listener to the time before the crisis when Hip-Hop was different , new, creative and fresh out the pack to a landscape of new youthful listeners. Frank Castle and Shot Kobang take us on lyrical escapades rapping on beats of Hip-Hop's great past on beats that feature a duo theme. Songs like It's Lit and Soul Food take the listener to yesteryear remembering the power of a group, the power of 2 MCs that can control a microphone and paint a narrative. Frank Castle brings the punch of a tactician and Shot Kobang bring the lyrical MMA style punch. But when you think it ends there Grimm Cyph the shadow of the group delivers a raw style that leaves the average ear shook with anticipation of the next verse.

The video It's Lit sets the stage for the Mixtape and by the end of the project we hope you are ready for the album to come. Out Da Mud will be talked about in 2020 as they drop projects and have featured music in the upcoming movie Umoya starring Jason Sterling, a hall of fame martial artist and actor. New Jersey Hip-Hop is going places, be sure you are ready to go with it. Stay Muddy!!!

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