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Musa Major Preview His New Album Moxie

Moxie is defined as the force of character, determination or nerve. Moxie is what Hip-Hop all about. It takes nerve to stand for something that the world is collectively against. How dare those people want to be heard! How dare those people for wanting equality and the want/desire to matter! Hip-Hop exist because there was a void of identity representing the peoplet that wanted to be acknowledged in the world.

Today's world has a bigger acceptance of Hip-Hop but the same issues are here and the music in the mainstream view has been shifted towards a mainstay of violence, sexism and drug usage. There is a J.Cole and a Kendrick Lamar for people to identify for the new generations of Hip-Hop listeners but those that do not follow the current movement the masses always ask who is going to take the baton and lead the way for a new voice to lead the current and newer generations in positive, thought provoking life changing music? Musa Major plans to answer that question with a cause that is for the people by one of its' own.

Musa Major has a story that is one that speaks of overcoming the odds to become a voice for the people not one that is lost in the crowd. From "Prisoner to President", taking ownership of the trials and tribulations of life and the lessons he had learned. Musa is dropping a project that talks about his life and the experiences he draws his parables from to show the listener there IS a way and the choices we make will determine where we will go. Conversations that revolve around the system, classism, racism, and relationships all give the listener a chance to reflect on their lives or have a chance to consider their own life to consider how and why they live the life they choose. Moxie will give the listener something we all are fighting for and that is...the chance to live a life that we choose.

Moxie is an album that when sat with and listened to, the person that takes this music in will become a thinker and that is the measure of a man. A man is judge by how he holds and controls his spirit but for the women it gives them a chance to hear the pain and love from a male point of view that is not often shared when we live the lie of the "opposite sex" concept. Moxie is an album that will challenge the minds of the listener and also with beats that talk to the spirit this will be a project that will change lives and make Musa Major a movement when it comes not only to music but healing the community giving hope to those that hear his message.

Here is the interview we did on the project:

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