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Rap Villain creates the New Wave

Rap Villain is quickly making a name in NJ Hip-Hop and in the Hip-Hop landscape by giving a face and name to the new wave of Hip-Hop's sound and movement. Rap Villain is composed of Alley Rocket, Heem Da Dream, Yizzle, Cuda, Taco0, Nick Straight, Bobcat and Chuck. These 8 individuals have come together to produce a very active and successful movement that includes camera work, music and community building.

On July 20th 2019, Rap Villain gave a showcase to give back to the New Jersey Hip-Hop scene. Where a lot of acts go out to make a name for themselves, Rap Villain makes their name and calls out to other inspiring artists to come out and build with them. There is a lot of raw talent and people that want attention. Rap Villain gives the opportunity for both to have a chance to showcase their intentions live on stage.

We were treated to an event where NJ talent was given a chance to showcase and we saw they genius of Otto Haze, JD Paradox, Sam, and Dean to name a few. Live Hip-Hop and instrumentation took place believe me we only told you a few of the acts that made a name for themselves. Heritage Hip-Hop will post video and pictures of the event to show you some of the new faces of Jersey Hip-Hop. We salute Rap Villain and look forward to their music, and we support them for giving a chance to the new faces of the movement to take their place as up next on the proving grounds of the culture. While some have a long way to go, we can say there are going to be a lot of new faces to lead New Jersey Hip-Hop culture forward.

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