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Rest In Peace Bushwick Bill

We have gotten word today that an icon in Hip-Hop has passed away. Bushwick Bill of the Geto Boys will always be remembered as the wild one in the group from I can remember of my time watching and enjoying the Geto Boys music and videos. His role in the song "My Mind's Playing Tricks On Me", will forever by linked in my memory with a little person chasing children and robbing them for candy. The stand out part of the song's visual for me though is him fighting a man and in the end he was never there. Instead we see Bushwick punching the concrete and having a mental breakdown from his actions. This picture speaks volumes about the mind's of people and how the mind is fragile.

This also leads me to remember Bushwick Bill for the video "Ever so Clear", the telling single from his Little Big Man solo album. Bushwick Bill raps about drinking Ever Clear, which is a powerful alcoholic beverage, and how he wanted his lady to kill him and in the process he lost an eye. Bushwick Bill even though going through tragedy was beloved by the Hip-Hop community with opportunities to act like in one role he did on the Martin television show, and doing a gospel album in his career. Though Bushwick Bill has passed away from Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer, his legacy will live on in music, on the screen and with his family. Rest In Power Bushwick we will always remember your passion to live and the respect you earned for living your truth. Our minds will never play tricks on us when it comes to who you are and what you did. May The Most high grant you peace forever.

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