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Scooyunda x Yo Zuri "Twist" Video

Hip Hop artist/songwriter Scooyunda delivers his single and video titled “Twist” featuring Alejandro Asadi with production by Yo Zuri.

Although the Houston based artist doesn’t refer to himself as a gangsta, he delivers gritty and at times revolutionary rhymes, clever enough to resonate and spark some change.

Based on “Twist” it’s clear Scooyunda comes from a place where angels don’t visit. He’s not phased by the strategic plots against him such as racism, corrupt economy, and the feds, he’s too focused on his business and doing right by his children. The cinematic production by Yo Zuri intensifies Scooyunda’s wordplay and raw emotion.

Instagram: @scooyunda @iam_becauseweare

Twitter: @scooyunda

TikTok : @scooyunda

YouTube : scooyundatv

"Twist" on apple music -


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