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SkyBlew & Navo The Maestro - Music Video "Ligth Switch"

Legend speaks of a peculiar, yet immensely POWERFUL key.. 🗝️ Located in a mystical place named, The Road Less Traveled. Where Destiny & Dreams can be unraveled 💎✨ Where Light & darkness comes to battle! ⚔ There's a mysterious door with an abnormal lock 🔐 Surrounded by absolute heinous energy, DON'T YOU DARE KNOCK! 🛑👹👻☠️ The cries of the tormented echo in waves, hoping for liberation from their mental graves. The bearers of this key must be resilient, not spiritually weak; a key that only the most courageous would dare seek. 🔎 2 brave young warriors accepted the arduous challenge. Determined to find this rare item, and restore balance.. 💙✌🏾🎼🌎 This luscious musical experience chronicles their quest, so [LISTEN/WATCH] as melodies and Dreams begin to manifest.. Prepare yourself, for an Album/Performance/Motion Picture/Program filled with deLIGHT, guaranteed to shine bright through the darkness of night.

🎶 VARIOUS DIGITAL RETAILERS 🎶 https://ampl.ink/wkkLN


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