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Statement Award given to The Cast of Marvel's Black Panther

As a comic book fan, I was happy to see another "Black" super hero movie get made. Let's not forget Wesley Snipe's Blade is the beginning of all these Marvel Comic movies for all us real fans. But when Marvel Studios was established and Ryan Coogler was given the task to create Black Panther, historic presidents were set in motion not only for The Hip-Hop community but society in general. This movie set records for domestic and international total gross income and showed the world that people of color will represent for a product that represents them on the big screen.

Personally to hear children get so happy to see a hero that looked like them did so much for the emotional and psychological development of the young children in the inner city that new forms or pride were shown when children went to school with Black Panther bookbags and sneakers on.

We may have the discussions on the effect this movie will have down the line in the future and one of those questions may be how will this effect the rest of the comic book community with people of color producing more comics outside of Marvel and DC comics? There is so much this movie has done for opening the world of possibilities to casual readers, comic book fans and the people looking for a message of hope.

Michael B Jordan's Killmonger character and Chadwick Boseman's King T'Challa were dichotomies of thought that touched each other in so many contexts of what family, patriotism, and nationalism truly is. The female characters in this movie were excellent as they were not sexualized and were strong feminine warriors and not docile slaves to their country or culture. I saw a video were a young man saw this movie and said "So this is how you feel? Speaking to the mainstream Caucasian community in regards to walking out of movies seeing Batman, and Spiderman, never getting to fully relate to the pride of self in seeing a reflection of something close to himself on the big screen.

Before a sequel in made and we lose this opportunity, this award is given to Marvel the staff, characters and the fans around the world that made this event possible. Let's just support our fellow comic book creators and go beyond black panther to give our children and ourselves the message of pride we felt in seeing a "Black" superhero on the screen.

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