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Substance810 - A Righteous Offering | Album & Video

Constantly maneuvering through the treacherous seas of the underground. "Makin Waves" along the way. Until finally Substance810 landed upon the shores of "The Hanging Gardens". Only to come out unscathed and prepared for the journey across the vast desert to bring you "A Righteous Offering".

Packed with introspective lyrics, storytelling, and both soulful and gritty tracks. This release is bound to have something for all hip hop heads alike. Produced in full by Onaje Jordan, the chemistry between these 2 midwest creators is highly apparent.

Check out the album and watch the video for the single "Savage Lands x May It Be Swift" below.

Substance810, the Port Huron, MI bread emcee is here to live up to his name. You are bound to hear barz, emotion, and vulnerability when taking a dive into his music. Growing up in, and influenced by, the golden era of 90s hip hop, Substance810 just wants to help preserve the culture. Drawing you in with his introspective style, and keeping you there with vivid entertaining lyricism. Raw and gritty hip hop, full of SUBSTANCE.

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