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Sweet Dreams Vol.1 by Dot Bundini and Big Stomp Out Now!

There are albums that come out every now and again that makes statements in their era. This era is being defined by unity and not by the beat of the old industry. 2 solo artists from Newark, NJ came together to show the state that 2 terrors lyrically can come together and lay the blueprint for solidarity when moving forward.

Sweet Dreams Vol.1 is the project released that brings The C.L.O.T.H.'s MC Dot Bundini with the author of the Get Stomped Out movement and member of the IllCity Ent. movement Big Stomp. Bars and Delivery are on display with this project and shows all why Newark, NJ is one of the staples of Bars Ready Hip-Hop.

This project deals with the individual, life and loss of our loved ones. For a complete journey into the soul and through music, get this album and go to the place where most people are scared to go...Into your self. Let the music take you there and when you return live your sweet dream and celebrate your life with this great album and vibe.

Dot and Stomp recently did a classic interview on Heritage Hip-Hop. The link is below and the first video Whoa part 2 is out now.


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