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The Crown is Heavy

The VMAs have passed and the question still remains "What female artist had the biggest year?" On the mainstream level this past year was Remy Ma's and Cardi B's victory lap around the industry making music for women in Hip-Hop bigger. Remy came out of jail and remade herself from a woman with lyrics into more of an artist with Television and music under her belt. Cardi B also went from television to chart dominance with her debut album "Invasion of Privacy". With both ladies vying for the crown of Queen of Hip-Hop, Nicki Minaj has re-emerged and now the game gets interesting. From doing verses over and shady reference lines given on stage we see the making of a coup in Hip-Hop.

People are taking sides and we are seeing the beginning of the Cardi vs. Nicki era. Now there are more women out there that may also challenge once given the chance but when a crown is involved sales, performances, and spotlight in other media outlets makes this battle intense. When a woman is at the top of her game, people will automatically put a rival to her cause and make battles out of nothing but only to their own benefit seeing women tear each other down. I miss the days where we had songs like Brandy's I wanna be Down where the ladies came together or the delight of hearing Angie Martinez rap on Ladies' Night. Now that crowns are given cut throat tactics are used to separate these ladies and we the fans are now calling for a sacrifice to see who is the better artist. I will say this Cardi B came out with a serious look on her debut, but Nicki has made songs and has some longevity in the game. I can't wait to see how the fans effect this battle. I wonder what will be said when Lil Kim comes back out with a project as well.

Who will have the crown then?

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