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The Foundation Of Great Hip-Hop Has Been Set With The Cornerstones. NJ's New Hip-Hop Supergroup.

The cornerstone is the most important stone set in a foundation. All other stones placed around the cornerstones provide structure and strength to build a monument that will stand as a reminder of the creative genius used to place such a structure together. NJ Hip-Hop now has a new foundation built upon MC marksmanship that will make a statement for the next 5 to 10 years of what is and what can be. The official cornerstones of the culture have been laid and now the bar has been raised when it comes to not only music but building something new in a Hip-Hop community known for competition not fellowship and unity.

NJ Hip-Hop especially in Essex County NJ, has a history of competition and the false belief of non support being given to the artists in the culture as well. Today's generation of NJ Hip-Hop defies that with a new movement being made with 4 MCs becoming the cornerstones of the new NJ Hip-Hop movement. It takes four corners to establish a foundation to build a monument, and also to build a movement that will take place to establish the new era of sound in a community. J1Da, Samad Savage, Blaze the Rebel and Solis each bring something to the new foundation of Hip-Hop that not only NJ needs to see but the culture needs to hear as well.

J1DA brings honest emotion to Hip-Hop and that is something we sorely lack when it comes to being real about who the artist is and how they bring us into their world of living a life that ever evolves day to day and rhyme to rhyme. J1DA is a growing artist that achieves more by living and it reflects not only in his projects but his creativity as his sound matures.

J1Da Live Performance:

Solis is of Hispanic decent and he brings not only a new flavor of lyricism to the game, he is also the philosopher of this group. His music reflects the inner soul and the identity of the MC that creates music and lives through it. Solis has released freestyles that have shown how incredible his flow and lyrics are but he also has a project inspired by Bob Marley's influence. He stands for realness, and for the freedom of musical expression.

Solis Live Performance:

Blaze The Rebel is an MC that lives and vibes through his journey in life. He is energy and sound. Blaze released a great album in 2021 entitled "Sanford" and his journey and growth has been a musical portrait of expression. Being a visual artist as well his passion for the eyes marrying the sound of his music will lead him to be the the foresight in the development of The Cornerstone movement.

Blaze The Rebel Live Performance:

Samad Savage has grown and taken the journey to be the next representative of NJ Hip-Hop. NJ suffers from the curse of being lyrical but not producing a sound that can grow both in the underground and mainstream music scenes. He has managed to do both with his new album and being featured on NBA 2K22. By joining with the 3 other MCs in this group, Samad will not only bring out his best work by working with artists he vibes with. We will see more of his creativity and freedom when it comes to being the artist he dreams to be. Time will only tell how great he and they all will be.

The Cornerstones represent the next hope of Truth, Fun, Lyricism, Love, Identity, Energy and the Vision of what Hip-Hop is. This new Super Group is a tent pole in the culture because where lack of faith has been planted, we now have a new seed of unity that is planted and growing in the soil that Hip-Hop loves to build it's name upon. With the release of Humble Beginnings we have seen the future of Hip-Hop with Visual creativity, lyrical genius and more importantly unity built through love of the art. The Cornerstones are going to be groundbreaking and if the collective stays true to each other and the culture they represent, there is no place they will not reach. All negativity and hate will be welcomed as they prove their doubters wrong. All love and support will also be welcomed as the seed produces the influence of the new movement in Hip-Hop that was built on the pillars of the culture. Peace, Love, Unity and having Fun is the foundation of Hip-Hop and the cornerstones of the Culture are now embodied in the 4 MCs that represent that bringing soul into the game as well. We present The Cornerstones to you and cut the ribbon on the new foundation of greatness to come from Garden State Hip-Hop.

Humble Beginnings Hip-Hop

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