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The Future of Jersey...

Hip-Hop in today's generation is unfairly being critiqued. The new generation is seen as disrespectful, and not holding up the Hip-Hop culture for what it is or what it was meant to be. I strongly disagree wit this statement because Hip-Hop is only in it's 50's which would be the age of a grown adult that is still learning their journey but can be stuck in their own way. When we look at Hip-Hop in this way we see the Hip-Hop we loved was Hip-Hop culture in its' infancy and through growth it will take twists and turns before its' gifts are truly developed. The same can be said about Jersey and its' Hip-Hop culture as well.

In New Jersey the term of support and self hatred have been themes of the culture and with this article we hope to end that false narrative today. NJ is ripe with so much talent that the talent is fighting to be heard and Heritage Hip-Hop is the outlet for them. We started the Jersey Series where we will take artist and create playlists featuring them and sharing it to the masses so not only can they be heard but the listeners can check out their projects and music pages as well. Part 1 features 4 of the brightest in NJ right now: Ib Mattic , Solis, J.1.Da, and Samad Savage.

Each artist comes with their own style but they all compliment each other wisely and efficiently and could arguably be, if they were, one of the best cliques/groups in the Hip-Hop culture PERIOD. Ib Mattic is an MC that was bread from MO Sound Group's creator Push Buttinz who serves as his mentor and father. Ib is an accomplished producer and MC that is not only a child prodigy but the next inline to follow what Kwame, Kanye West (old of course), and Jay Dilla has brought to the game. Beats and passionate rhymes that match his creativity. The Same could be said for Samad Savage that has dropped classic projects in the last 2 years The Grey Area and Trust The Weird Kids. J.1.Da and Solis are lyrical tyrants that destroy the many beats that they are on and continue to detail their own personal development in their music. J.1.Da details spiritual growth as a man and MC in his rhymes with a voice that can lead a battle ex. Braveheart and Solis talks about his Hispanic Heritage and fighting for the freedom to express and deliver righteousness to the masses.

Having done songs together we put this playlist together to highlight some of their best work separate and part of their albums/projects and highlighting other names in the NJ Hip-Hop landscape as well as some from outside of the land like, Chris Rivers, The Ghost Jay, Therapeutic Stan, Khalidatnight, superstar Leah Jenea, and Push Buttinz himself. We urge everyone to become members of www.HeritageHipHop.com (membership is free), and download this classic mixtape and experience why the future of NJ Hip-Hop is in good hands.

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