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The L.A.M.E. Way of Life Is To Live Through Music.

When a person seeks truth, they usually turn to a higher principality to help them find the answers to their questions. Some people turn to prayer, some meditate and others may write. When prayer, meditation and writing come together we produce thoughts, journals, and a road to peace that we travel to aid us in finding out who we are and how we can express our truth. LAM3 (Lame) does just that express his truth through his music and takes us on a journey of growth and introspection. A Journey that will leave the listener entranced by the story of the inner man's revelation to the outer beat and melody.

LAM3 rhymes with the intent to deliver a message not just rhyme to make words sound good. On September 12th 2022 at the Inner City Cafe in Orange LAM3 brought us into his life of introspection, growth, life and ultimately love as he not only serenaded his wife, but rapped his songs to the crowd to let them know he is not only an artist but a child of God in truth and beats.

His debut EP "Aigh't Let's Do It", will drop soon and by doing a listening session we get a glimpse into the soul of the man that says he lives a L.A.M.E. life. His life is based on his journey as a man and the beats he chose to rhyme on show he has a jazzy soul, with a mix of vibes and blues to flesh out his love of life in music. With his DJ and Collaborators in the venue with him Lam3 showed us not only is he capable of rhyme he can deliver a message. The most important message a man can ever give is the truth. When music and the soul meet in a place of purity, then the truth is seen, felt, heard and and shared at a level only the soul can recognize. Through his beat selection and wordplay Lam3 gives the world his truth with a compliment of soul and triumph to complete the plate to eat from when sitting with this artistic meal .

Look for more Lam3 and his music on Heritage Hip-Hop and support an artist that does not need gun bars and drug reference to make his point. By staying true to his Durham, North Carolina roots, he adds Jersey grit to make a sound that will be remembered and given to those that know and can relate. The truth so some is Lame, but truth by Lam3 is felt even if you chose not to believe. His steps prove his life and his lyrics show that the Lam3 way is the righteous way to go.

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