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The Legend of MF Doom

MF Doom was not for everybody. Some people liked his voice and some did not. Some liked his music and other did not. One thing is for certain and it is also the truth 1 person's love for Hip-Hop may not match your own but Hip-Hop will always respect and honor those that hold the culture to a high standard.

Zev Love X from KMD was given the long road to failure when his label shelved KMD and in fact killed his career in that persona. With the death of his brother (RIP) Subroc and KMD breaking up leaving the mainstream view, Zev Love X left the public eye and was left for dead by the mainstream. Yet, His love for the game kept his music and his creativity alive by taking on the industry by spitting its' B.S. politics back in the faces of those that thought he was another failed act. By putting on the Doom persona and embracing the side of Hip-Hop that mirrored the underground, celebrating cartoons, production and lyrics that were about the inner self and not the mainstream money grab, A NEW HERO WAS BORN.

With the loss of MF Doom we now get to appreciate who he is and what he did to become your favorite MC's favorite MC. Whether he was behind the boards producing or delivering rhymes about not giving a fuck, MF Doom wore a mask to escape the limelight and to just let his music speak for itself. To honor MF DOOM we offer a gift to everyone that reads this to appreciate who he was in the game. Check out his discography and honor the man that kept Hip-Hop alive by not giving up on his dream and made his own lane despite what the industry told him.

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