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The Soundtrack to Trauma: An Album That Can Save Lives.

If art imitates life, then a lot of the art we are given is not fully representative of the people that the arts are reflects. There is a dirty side to life that the arts have not fully embraced and exposed. In today's art forms we have sex, murder, homicide stories as well as expressions of joy, victory and happiness. But there are people and voices that are lost in these tales and with their experiences being lost the journey that makes up their story is not being told.

With those stories not being documented or represented, we miss the substance that makes the art relatable and inspirational. We seem to vote for the underdog, but what about the one that is under the title of underdog that is not being vouched for. Those people are victims of all sort of trauma in their lives. Middy Murdock and Stan Ipkiss have answered the question, " Who will represent for us?" by making an audio movie/visual album to give a voice and a visual to the unseen and unheard entitled "The Soundtrack to Trauma".

This album is something that when the listener closes their eyes, they will be able to see the song that is played into their ears. The beats, and the background compliment as the MC gives a first person story of the world he brings us into. This album touches the desire to belong, to be heard, to be loved and also to be validated. With a story that ranges from childhood, to wanting a woman's attention, dealing with personal & peer pressure, and also dealing with interactions with police, this album is a movie that many young men and women can relate to at any stage of experience in their own lives. The reason this can be done is because the reality of the music and the message is one people have felt but many do not know how to express. The Soundtrack to Trauma is a gateway for people to identify their own selves through the lens and audio confession of a character coming to grips with life and themselves. This is Hip-Hop at its' best.

The Soundtrack to Trauma is an album that can be used to save lives, and to inspire emotional, spiritual, relational, and physical change to the listener by the experience of growth that can be learned from the execution of this story. It is said to plant the seed and let God give the increase. This album not only plants the seed, but if given time to be nurtured in fertile soil being the desire, mind and soul of the listener, our future can change for countless people that have a chance to hear this album.

The Soundtrack to Trauma will be released on July 16th 2021 on all steaming platforms, and we ask that you not only purchase this album but listen to it with anyone you know that may love music, a story, and a person seeking change. Just plant the seed and let God give the increase. Hip-Hop can be used to save the soul and this album will be evidence of it.

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Jul 11, 2021

Soundtrack to Trauma sounds like something special. Can't wait to absorb it fully. PEACE

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