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The Top 10 Hip-Hop Albums From NJ.

Tsu surf - Seven 25

Dotbundini & E.Piche - The regime volume 1

Malc - For Motivational Use Only

Allstarrdagreat - Godspeed 

Louie Jay - Divorce

Vertical Jones - The gold tape 

J.1.da - Tc5: Free from the Past

Samad Savage - Trust The Weird Kids 

Stress - Pen Griffey

Out Da Mud Music Group Featuring Shot Kobang & Frank Castle - The BC Era

New Jersey had an outstanding year when it came to the music release from our state. We received an abundance of quality and creativity from many artists that did not even make this list. With respect to the hard work these artist put their Blood, sweat, and tears into these albums. 

Trust the weird kids 

Standout Tracks:They onto something 

Dont; Be yourself 

Many agreed this was the best rap album out this year not just for amazing music but also his creativity. 


Standout Tracks: Newark Weather, survive the summer, closer

This album really captivated Newark NJ in many of its tracks. The album has a great mix of dark to smooth production and Allstarrdagreat's lyrical prowess on the mic went from pulling at your heart to making your head nod. 

For Motivational Use Only 

Standout Tracks:Hold on, Alone, Make it out. 

Malc already had the ears open with P2. To say he topped his previous project is an understatement. The production is outstanding and the motivation Malc delivers on each track will have you wanting more. 

TC5: Free from the past. 

Standout Tracks:free, prove it, tonight. 

J1da voice is definitely what catches your attention on tracks, and with this album his range of beats run from smooth to even a bounce feeling brought a beautiful marriage of music together. 

Seven 25

Standout Tracks:Here whatever, at my momma house, consignment 

Tsu surf is safe to say the best album making battle rapper. Some have issues with this projects listing because Surf is a bigger name, but yet what can not be denied is the quality of the music. Which as a listener is what you care for. 

BC Era 

Standout Tracks: again it's on, da hated, and soul food. 

Before the complaints of "its on heritage hip hop" can take place, let's just say it's on the site because of how great of a project it is. Shotko and Frank castle have an amazing 1-2 punch lyrically and subject wise that is clear from the start of the album. 

The gold tape 

Standout Tracks:Words on words, light a candle, I'll be fine 

The gold tape brings you into deep thought, and with adult subject matter dealing with an internal struggle. Vertical Jones production has a dark soulful feel which will either nod your head off your shoulders or bring tears to your eyes. 

Pen Griffey 

Standout Tracks : Wyk3,  talk to em, Not like 

Bars! Pen Griffey is for the fans of lyrical wordplay. Many complain of lack of bars in today's music. I you definitely will not say that with this album. 


Standout Tracks: from da dirt, vibes, greatness 

I am a fan of albums with themes. I the discussion of loyalty is a major topic of this album. With a great list of features and production that isn't locked to one specific style of hip hop divorce is definitely an project that stood out 2019. 

The regime volume 1

Standout Tracks: Pray & Eat, what you waiting for, understand us 

Dotbundini and E piche killed this album, then resurrected it and killed it again. I will say this E. Piche, is a star coming. This album is music for the fans of attack and gutter hip hop. 

Part 2 

Yaladysprospect & S.O.T.M - The Tables  turned 

Standout Track: death to these new niggas 

*(album dropped 12/31/18 other wise it would be top 10)

Cheif Bali - The hateful 8

Standout Track: Hurricane Bali 

Brothers of Destruction- Into the groove part 2 

Standout Track: for you 

Cruch Calhoun - Loco 

Standout Track: Minding my biz 

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