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Trina RockStarr Was Called A N**gger B**ch By A White Woman While Shopping At Walmart In Florida

Racism rears its ugly head in Copper City, Florida. Donald Trump has put a battery in some white people's backs. It's disgusting and downright shameful how anyone has the nerve to disrespect another person. We've heard time and time again the stories of white people calling the cops on people of color in an attempt to get them murdered. We've heard chilling stories of racist tirades.

Imagine having a peaceful day out and about doing some shopping. The Superstar

Trina Rock Starr had to endure the hatred and racism that America has wheeled for Centuries.

Trina accidentally bumped into a Walmart customer while Shopping. According to TMZ a race soldier started hurling racial slurs at the superstar. Trina didn't have a chance to apologize. Immediately the N Word and the B Word was used. (Nigg** Bit**) This blatant racism and hatred was brought to this Continent Centuries ago and has manifested into what we see and hear today.

In the video clip shared by TMZ you can see them at the check out.

Trina is unleashing a verbal onslaught at the woman who called her racial slurs.

“Say it again,” Trina yelled at the racist woman. “Call me a n*gger b*tch again, call me a n*gger b*tch again!”

The woman left the store with the quickness.

Her identity still remains a mystery.

Police arrived on the scene and assessed the situation. Trina chose not to press charges. The officers didn't speak to the race soldier who fled the scene.

They escorted Trina to her car safely.

By: Faddys Place

Q&A: Would you like to hear Trina drop a record about racism?

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