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"Wake Up" by Senior Gee and TreDaClassick

Queens native Senior Gee releases visuals for his latest single “Wake Up.” The track features TrekDaClassick and is delivered in true Senior Gee fashion, profanity-free.

The celebrated New Age Hip Hop artist/certified engineer & producer, is the rooster making sure everyone is awake. His lyrical antics are heightened by striking melodies and hard basslines. Take heed to the clever wordplay and potent rhymes delivered. Instead of complaining about music in a world that is already in disarray, wake up, press play, and grip onto the words of thorough emcees. “Yo this world’s ran by ur-day-sat/ a-n after that/ got y’all thinking, Earth ain’t flat/ Well here’s a master class/ and who I be/ Senior Gee/ so no, chiti chat/.” Watch “Wake UP” and connect with Senior Gee below.

YouTube video:

Stream “Wake Up” on Spotify

Connect with Senior Gee

Instagram @gspsenior2 and at seniorgee.ctcin.bio


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