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Welcome To 2023 And Hip-Hop History.

Happy new year to everyone that is reading this! 2022 was a wild year and it effected everyone harshly. We entered the tail end of Covid-19 (maybe) and we came out of a time where people close to use died in numbers near and far. We buried our loved ones and people that helped to mold our childhood as peers and heroes to us. Now that 2022 is over we have much to look forward to.

Unfortunately people are still going to pass away and tragedy happens every year. We will continue to lose people that have touched our hearts and souls but this year coming out of pain we can create more joy than the sadness we have experienced. Last year for Heritage Hip-Hop we slowed down due to health changes, life changes, and mental challenges. This year we pledge to not only get back to what made our platform great, we are going to push to do more for the culture OUR WAY, and not follow other's patterns.

Look forward to the Blogs coming back, the interviews and podcasts returning, the shows continuing, and some surprises from us as well. We may not do as many playlists but we will return to what made us great in the first place and that is the LOVE of who we are as God's people and Hip-Hop as OUR culture, Declarations of greatness have been made before but we are going to show and prove that Hip-Hop is more than beats, and rhymes. It is dancing, fashion, art (digital and print), business, community, praise, worship, education, and more importantly it is our expression given by God to be who we are and to influence the world.

We are rededicating our focus to the culture and the people. This year Hip-Hop culture turns 50 years old. For 50 years the voiceless were given a platform and it changed the world. Sadly greats have passed away and have been taken from us so this year we have to represent for those that are gone. With greats like Takeoff, PnB Rock, and Tame One gone, to name a few, it is our duty to represent them and for them as we also talk about Biggie, Pac, Nipsey, ODB, Apache, Gov Mattic, Big Snuff and many more that have gone to become ancestors and spiritual beings of our culture. This year is important as we heal and celebrate our lives, and condemn those that use violence, sex, greed and evil to make a profit off of us and destroy the children being raised in our culture and communities.. Hip-Hop is not aging it is getting better and we are the reason. This year more podcasts will speak, more people will make music, more children will be born and more life will be lived as we celebrate our God, ourselves, and the future that we are paving the road to success for.

This year will be great and Heritage Hip-Hop will continue to celebrate Hip-Hop from NJ and around the World one interview, and one story at a time. Follow us on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and everywhere you listen to your podcasts. With new shows and people joining the movement we will always stand for integrity and welcome you into this 2023 year of our Lord with open arms and a business mind. May this year bring to you all forms of blessings and greatness. We have a world to take over and may we shape our lives into what we dream of through righteousness and love for each other as well. PEACE


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