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Updated: Aug 7, 2018

Welcome to the new home of Heritage Hip-Hop.

Heritage Hip-Hop started out as an idea, a feeling. The love for Hip-Hop grew to be so much more. Hip-Hop has traveled all around the world and back. Now there is a new face of Hip-Hop. Even though the old face still exist in the hearts and minds of those who create and lived Hip-Hop. This art form was destined to reach the outer limits of the Universe. Just as planet Earth and our species has evolved so has Hip-Hop. We love and respect this art form. We all have our favorites era and style, you know Boom Bap Mumble Rap, Trap, Drill, Underground, Pop/Commercial and so much more. They tried and still are trying to destroy Hip-Hop. Using it as a weapon to jail and destroy our people. For that we show no love to the soulless ones. We must enlighten those who are asleep to the beauty that is Hip-Hop. Educate the masses that have been miss lead. Put forth understanding of the powers we hold. Once we are truly educated freedom shall reign. Understanding of self of culture of our own creative abilities the genius inside us all. That is Heritage Hip-Hop! We are more than just music! We are Community, Family, Friends, Educators, Graffiti, Dance, Producers, MC's, Designers, DJ's, Managers, Writers, Poets, Musicians, Fans, Teachers, Students, You, Me, Use, Stylist, Host, Bloggers, VJ's you name it it's Hip-Hop.

The team is hard at work creating new and exciting content.

We appreciate you and value your opinion. Let us know how your experience was at Heritage Hip-Hop. Com. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve our site

Send Feedback to faddysplace@gmail.com

Thank You... Faddys Place

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