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What My Soul Sounds Like, New Album by Drift

Most albums fail to capture a moment or an emotion and this album is not a failure like others. What My Soul Sounds Like is an album that pays homage not only to a lost one but to an era of music when the 2 step and diddy bop was the defining moment of a songs acceptance. Drift takes his lyrical excellence and puts us back into the zone of the Hungry MC with a message followed by production from Stress and Grammy Award Winning Producer Kay Gee of Naughty by Nature.

Drift, Stress and one of the stars of the album Molly appeared on Heritage Hip-Hop to promote the album. The conversation was insightful and the interview is one of the best we have ever done on Heritage Hip-Hop. As a music consumer we look for great lyrics, great beats and the spirit of the vibe to take us over. What My Soul Sounds Like is available right now on all music outlets. Go experience real music and pure Hip-Hop that honors a loved one and the era of the groove. This is NJ Hip-Hop with an Uptown/MCA records sound. Venture back into the era of music with a NJ Hip-Hop legend on the vocals.

Youtube Interview:


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