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Loyalty and Betrayal Web Series

Web Series have become the new growth from the Hip-Hop Culture. Music Videos have evolved into Docu-series and the camera is now easily accessible for everyone to capture life and tell their own stories. Sean Lane took his experience from life and a previous web series to compose and create something new titled: Loyalty and Betrayal.

Loyalty and Betrayal is gritty and very cinematic. The story is its' titles namesake but also one about family and relationships. May 23rd 2019, we were invited to the Citiplex Movie Theatre in Newark, NJ to see the premiere of the web series and we were blown away from the set up and the story. With familiar faces abound in the premiere we saw the growth and experience of the actors and actresses come forth on the screen to show their development as professionals on the screen. During this red carpet event that included family, music, and good vibes we were exposed to what makes this web series work...Commitment to their story.

Loyalty and Betrayal will drop soon and when it does people will be blown away not only by the acting but the story that is going to be told in your screen at home or computer. Seeing it on the big screen shows that it belongs there and when the world is exposed it this new web series a new voice will be heard to reflect NJ Hip-Hop culture and the people that make Hip-Hop great, meaning you the reader and viewer. Stay tuned for more Loyalty and Betrayal Coverage, we have Interviews coming from Mr. Lane and the people that make Loyalty and Betrayal happen.

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Elena R
Elena R
May 25, 2019

This review is amazing. The dedication and sacrifice put into this production will definitely show through the screen. 🙌🏽

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