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Not to Be Taken Lightly

Reinventing oneself is the call of making an artist truly great. A couple of month's ago the artist known as Ipkiss Jr. was putting his touch on underground New Jersey Hip-Hop by being a young spitter in a crew of lyrical tyrants. As he went on to find his niche and voice in the culture, he changed his name to Stan. He released his debut album Unplugged and with it there was a stand out track named Black Sheep. Black Sheep introduced Khalidatnight and stood out with Leaders of the New School type of energy and youthful excitement that helps make Hip-Hop great.

Fast forward to the here and now, Stan and Khalidatnight have dropped a project together titled, "Not to be Taken Lightly". This project is Khalidatnight's debut project and Stan's invitation to the world to know his evolution as MC and producer. This project is the continuation of seeing Hip-Hop evolve from lean sipping to being lyrical punch drunk as the ears are blessed with Boom Bap Hip-Hop with a new twist. Songs like Drill/Supreme (interlude) show how they are different MCs that compliment each other on different beats but on the same track. What's It Gone Be, is a track that is lyrical and takes you to a word play sparring match of spitters that fight for the right to own a track. This album proves that the new generation of Hip-Hoppers are not looking to lean, and lose the art of Hip-Hop. "Not to be Taken Lightly", is a project that shows these 2 artists have grown and still have more to do but the journey of watching and listening to them develop is the genius is looking to hear and see more from them.

Not to Be Taken Lightly is available on all music outlets. Buying or streaming this project is worth the time invested. NJ Hip-Hop is growing and the development of fine young talent is surely happening and it is a must for true Hip-Hop heads to support these young artist take control of their talents in their own time. Enjoy this project and thank us later.

Album link: https://open.spotify.com/album/5R05HdYnL3a0uiaSslgH3B

CD Baby Link: https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/stan83

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