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Stan Ipkiss is the Ear and Vision of Life's Score and Soundtrack.

Once in a lifetime does an artist find a producer that can challenge them to be great. Once in a lifetime do we find a genius in their craft that challenges the world we know to expand and grow due to our lack of experience in something we love. Very few people like that come our way and we awe at their creative ability to capture our souls with their artistry of life. Maybe it's the way Mike or Kobe played ball that made people want to go to the extreme to take over a sport. Maybe the artistry for expression is what made Odell Beckham Jr. capture the hearts of so many young football stars to never hide their love of personality. Maybe it is the way Prince or Michael Jackson moved the world with soulful music that opened up the possibility to people that music was for more than our ears, it is also for the soul. Maybe it is Timbaland, Dr. Dre, Pete Rock and so many other producers in the Hip-Hop culture that taught us how to make music from sound that inspired us to move our feet and the crowd over drum patterns and loops that caused us to make our own sound for the world to hear. Yet, who had the scope to not only make new sounds and beats but to create a world with their music?

Welcome to the reality and art of Stan Ipkiss the founder of Headphone Therapy. After producing for other artists, Mr. Ipkiss has put out his own instrumental album that is more than a Hip-Hop beat album it is music for the soul not just for the inner city culture of Hip-Hop. In this world we have what so many producers in today's music lack, harmony and the ability to score and compose. In music today we have beats that are dry and lack artistry. The beats of today's music is just sounds with no soul or harmony in it. A lot of today's producers are just putting vibes together and the mindless are bobbing their heads to a pattern. Stan Ipkiss has not only broken that chain but has composed a soundtrack to the emotion of music. There are beats for the Hip-Hop kid, the house music mind, and for the anime generation all here on his contribution to keeping real music alive. If you rap, sing, or love to listen to music as you go through your day this album has more than 1 selection for you to enjoy and listen to. 326 is an album that brings music lovers back to the love that they lost and will inspire the next generation of music composers and beat producers to not only step their games up. It will challenge them to create a world of music instead of catchy beats and hooks if they are paying attention to the delivery of the tracks and their names. Stan Ipkiss will be a name you will know for many years to come and by listening to this album you will thirst and hunger for more music to be delivered by. Maybe it is the the way Stan Ipkiss saves his best to inspire that will take music to its next level one beat at a time. Maybe it is your willingness to hear it that can bring the best out of you.

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